Sun in the sky, casting a light
Shining for family, winning a fight
Sun is approaching, summer is near
Shining for work, that’s almost here
Sun going down, end of the day
Shining for proof, that all is okay


When away from home, yes I miss it so
And when we plan to leave, I cannot say no
Once we hit the road, with you by my side
The adventure that we share, that I can abide
For as the saying goes, home is with the heart
And when I am with you, from home I’m never apart

As You Make Your Bed

Actions have consequences, surely one can see
Ones you must live with, whatever the degree
I have made my bed, a feat that took its toll
But now that it’s done, I have reached my goal
Now I must lie on it, the new bed is my price
I will sleep like a rock, until it’s time to rise


Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Freed from my jail, nothing more is Bliss
Even when we meet, you cannot reminisce
Being by your side, slowly turns to Bliss
You in my arms, with more than a kiss
Slowly I reveal, my whole and my Bliss
Praying to the gods, you wont me dismiss

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