Passing the Test

Scribes that we are, plying the trade
Doing our best, so it doesn’t fade
I am an asset, so my colleagues say
But the ones in power, will not have me stay
Keep on working, hoping for the best
And some day they’ll see, that I passed the test

Feel My Fire

Inside my chest, passion aflame
Nothing can beat, the thrill of a game
Hearts estranged, you stay away
Even on this, Nordic Game Day
Wish you would burn, feel just as me
But eye to eye, we’ll never see

Curse of Humanity

Eons in the past, before the golden age
Devils must have ruled, from within their cage
Whispering deceit, making mankind fall
What an absolution, excusing us all
But truth be told, long past we were cursed
Humanity it’s called, bringing out our worst


Two paths ahead, whích is for me?
Keep up the fight, or to bend the knee?
One way is safe, suffer just for one
Away from the world, until all is done
The other way to go, duty at the gate
Guardian of knowledge, while all share my fate

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