TellMeWhen: Protection Warrior

TellMeWhen is an addon for the MMORPG World of Warcraft. It provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. You can read more and download it at

I created a setup to assist me when playing a Protection-specced Warrior in World of Warcraft.

TellMeWhen: Protection Warrior





Currently it features:

  • Tanking rotation
  • Gladiator rotation (no Sudden Death)
  • Shout watcher
  • Interrupt reminder
  • Teleportation gear reminder
  • Healing cooldowns
  • Defensive cooldowns
  • Deep Wounds AoE tracker
  • Resolve tracker

Download the import string

Snow White

Before leaving home, deshedding just for one
While the little tiger, is having all the fun
Outward appearances, got to look your best
Even when the monster, puts you to the test
Clad all in black, traces it will show
When fighting a beast, white as fallen snow

The Island Bridge at the Road of the Hunt

Man the tower, today you go again
Ready your tome, and sharpen your pen
Even outnumbered, you wear a smile
Teaching them all, as is your style
My service was short, stationed at the front
Proud to have been, at the Road of the Hunt

Passing the Test

Scribes that we are, plying the trade
Doing our best, so it doesn’t fade
I am an asset, so my colleagues say
But the ones in power, will not have me stay
Keep on working, hoping for the best
And some day they’ll see, that I passed the test

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