A Is For Angel


The servants of gods, all glorious and bright
All so pure and innocent, all so good and right
But on the other side, flaws are born from strengths
Falling prey to darkness, going to great lengths
Purging all the evil, not up to your worth
No shades of grey allowed, killing all on Earth

Happily Never After


Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

I turned a new leaf, as He told me to behave
Then many years alone, acting like a slave
I journeyed to your house, to join retirement
And you gave me advice, to not myself resent
I started living life, and you returned to Hell
Our friendship it was great, but now I hear the knell

Wonderful Word


Juggling with words, so many they are great
But which one is the king, that I will debate
We need a word of action, one powerful and neat
But in a literary brawl, none they could defeat
If I thought we could agree, then I would be a fool
But I speak just for me, Leap it is so cool

Might Makes Right


Might I partake, in your splendor and grace?
Surrender yourself, don’t make me lose face
Prepare to be taken, a life under me
Not would be a crime, surely you can see
No is not an option, don’t put up a fight
You can never win, cause I have the Right

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