Back in Black

Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Being hunted down, fighting all the time
Trying to escape, determine our crime
Darkness has returned, chasing us in Hell
But I know the Dark, it makes my heart swell
When he spoke my name, I turned into a whore
And upon his touch, it made my soul soar

Shades of Grey

Black versus white, I see shades of grey
Not to have the white, is for what I pray
Right versus wrong, I see shades of grey
Getting you was right, now you’re here to stay
Cat versus pants, I see shades of grey
No more pants are black, so you got your way

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Recently having started playing the Pathfinder RPG, I wanted a simple character sheet that was editable on the computer. This is my take on the official Pathfinder sheet.

Download the character sheet


Sun in the sky, killing the light
Dimming for family, losing a fight
Sun is leaving, summer is done
Dimming for work, that’s no longer fun
Sun going up, start of the day
Dimming for proof, that nothing’s okay

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