Praise for the Panda

You are a giant, I think you are quite small
But you do the trick, and for us you never stall
You live in mountains, I keep you in the dark
And every single day, in our lives you leave a mark
You war with dragons, I think you are a star
Always hauling us around, acting as our car

Back in Black

Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Being hunted down, fighting all the time
Trying to escape, determine our crime
Darkness has returned, chasing us in Hell
But I know the Dark, it makes my heart swell
When he spoke my name, I turned into a whore
And upon his touch, it made my soul soar

Shades of Grey

Black versus white, I see shades of grey
Not to have the white, is for what I pray
Right versus wrong, I see shades of grey
Getting you was right, now you’re here to stay
Cat versus pants, I see shades of grey
No more pants are black, so you got your way

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Recently having started playing the Pathfinder RPG, I wanted a simple character sheet that was editable on the computer. This is my take on the official Pathfinder sheet.

Download the character sheet

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