Devils and Deities: Arroth

A poem about the deity Arroth (Beauty and Lust) from the Devils and Deities role-playing setting.

All my life I have danced, right upon the line
Between good and evil, at both did I shine
Then my friend prayed, and I became a god
Such a big burden, thanks you crazy broad
Now I spend my time, trying to do right
But my colleagues all around, always pick a fight

Tools of the Trade

Wanting to work, now got a shot
Training hard, all sweaty and hot
The instruments we play, tools of the trade
Ancient as time, in need of upgrade
Working the shifts, sure we make do
But in the 21st, they should be new


Being denied, no tying the knot
Despite a love, so long and hot
Now action decided, it is time
Finally legal, right a crime
Share your life, as all along
And none can say, that you’re wrong

What Do You Do for Money Honey

Money buys happiness, in various degrees
Makes life go smoother, makes it all a breeze
Name the right price, and everyone’s for sale
Deny it if you must, hide behind your veil
The oldest profession, been here for a while
Money trumping morals, never out of style

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