Dancing on the Wall

In the dark, you are near
Watching me, feel my fear
Sudden light, I get a glance
On the wall, I see you dance
Spider spider, please be gone
But I know, I wont see dawn

Cutting to the Bone

Taking the knife, leaving a gash
Work not done, again another slash
Numbers on a page, these are lives
Efficiency is key, now with two knives
Cutting to the bone, the bottom line is king
And even when green, they give another wring

Dark and Light

A poem about a role-playing character, the wizard Nizrani Lava’ki.

Evil is my legacy, I hail from close to Hell
Even now I’m out, on the past I’ll always dwell
My skin it is dark, yet my heart it is light
Prejudice by my side, it is a constant fight
The only friend left to me, the man of my dreams
But once we are close, is anything what it seems?

Z Is for Zaratan

A tropical paradise, like none you’ve ever seen
Best get ashore, and walk among the green
When you realise, this island is alive
A giant sea turtle, tonight will it dive?
Four days a year, with no evil design
Taken beneath the waves, to breathe in the brine

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