Chasing the Dragon

I chase the dragon, searching for that next
Something so amazing, to leave me perplexed
I chase the dragon, although never white
Hoping for that high, to light up my night
I chase the dragon, what will the future hold?
A thing so astounding, it cannot be foretold

Playing with Fire

Mess with me, you’re playing with fire
Bring your worst, it’s gonna get dire
But let’s be real, it’s more like a spark
Not really a bite, nor barely a bark
So nice it hurts, compassionate and kind
Things could be worse, it’s how I’m designed

Call Me Love

A poem about a role-playing character, the changeling Xell Love.

People think I’m perfect, but they do not know
The scars on my soul, I cannot let go
Information is my trade, on the side of right
And once the sun is down, I go out and fight
Skipping to the end, when all it is said
Alone with a gun, I aim it at my head

Doing Time

A poem about a role-playing character, the paladin Lord Sterling Vale.

End of the road, my time has come
Impossible journey, leaving me numb
Killed my parents, repenting my crime
Redemption offered, is it Time?
Decades pass, problems piled
Latest trouble, serving a child

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