S Is for Succubus

A love so burning, with lovemaking so wild
Every moment you’re with me, I am so beguiled
So what you got a tail, the rest is just so fine
If only I had known, your ulterior design
Partaking of my seed, and draining years away
But even if I knew, I could not disobey

R is for Rakshasa

I don’t believe my eyes, can it be you’re real?
Someone rakshama, I will strike a deal
Your fangs they thirst for blood, maneater that you are
I will not shake your hand, cause it will leave a scar
Please be on your way, take it to the skies
My pleading will not save me, and you will take my guise

Q Is for Qilin

Many ancient beasts, with evil on their mind
Time to turn a page, to one that’s good and kind
The eastern unicorn, spelled as the fiery giraffe
Appears when things turn good, or on a god’s behalf
Wise with beard to match, although you may be third
In my heart you’re first, otherwise would be absurd

P Is for Phoenix

Feeling age upon me, I fear the end is nigh
Renewal it could save me, Death and I would tie
Sunbird come to me, together we shall dine
Rebirth it is coming, and I will feel divine
The years will burn away, goodbye I say to you
Resurrection I will steal, as I eat you in my stew

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