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Demonblade Tryndamere

Beware the woods, something’s there
Hunting life, and spreading fear
If you’re brave, don’t go alone
Unless your blood, the sword shall hone
When he comes, spinning to the glade
Scream then die, to the Demonblade

The Divine Comedy

Ideals and faiths clash, and disagreements stir
Hate aplenty spawned, and holy wars occur
God using proxies, in a grand design
Sacrificing lives, in this comedy divine
For when the dust settles, when all is said and done
We will find no pantheon, as all the gods are one

Falling, for Love

A poem about a role-playing character, the priestess Rhin Labelle.

A girl meets a man, both kind of soul
Traveling the world, love their only goal
One day they learn, sin it has been done
Yet they cannot part, as their souls are one
Father falls from grace, turn his back on light
Daughter joins him there, and walk into the night


I can feel it surging, even in my dreams
Sometimes it burns like fire, oh I want to scream
But every now and then, I become wise
Learning to exploit it, causing it to rise
Using cleansing fire, burning the believers
Removing their disguises, revealing the deceivers

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