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Puppy Love

Speaking shy words, then averting my gaze
Being by your side, is how I wish my days
A love so pure, yet so slow it’s agony
Beating round the bush, come on and let it be
Stop fooling around, in all of our bliss
Bring the next level, and kiss that first kiss

Body, Soul and Heart

When I met you years ago, I felt my soul aflame
As we talked the night away, I forgot my name
And we became of one soul, you always next to me
Should you ever leave my side, I would cease to be
So I gave up on my soul, so we would never part
Keeping you all for myself, cold body and still heart


A traitorous man, hate in his heart
Oh how I wish, he would depart
Torture and pain, then sent to Hell
Experience the torment, I have as well
Fire and blades, pain he will feel
Death comes for him, as I act on my zeal


Come meet Jack, and all of his friends
Fighting for humanity, until the very end
Whatever the cost, he will take control
Making sacrifices, and paying the toll
His organization, a lofty idea
One step ahead, the Illusive Man is there

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