David Nordahl Madsen

David Nordahl Madsen / Zardilann
David Nordahl Madsen / ZardilannDavid Nordahl Madsen / Zardilann David Nordahl Madsen / Zardilann

My name is David Nordahl Madsen (although some may know me as Zardilann or Bhaerau). I’m a librarian living in Denmark together with my lovely wife and our cat. This is my site where you can find my portfolio containing creations within the areas of writing and game design. If you want to read about the creation of my site, check out the zardilann.com post.

I got a Bachelor in Library and Information Science and a Master of Science in Information Technology. In 10th grade (before college) we were tasked with making a project outlining what we intended for the future. Some of the areas I touched upon was fiction and libraries. I decided to attend business college, and after that I went to the Royal School of Library and Information Science. After my bachelor was complete I pursued my master at the IT University, focusing on Media Technology and Games. After my studies I started a career as a librarian, keeping game design and writing on the side, and finally settling on customer service.

I spend my leisure time primarily writing poetry and gaming and am a big fan of fantasy, horror and science fiction. Some of the events that stand out as pawing my road towards gaming and fantasy as prime interests:

  • Super Nintendo and Sega Master System, most prominently the game Alex the Kid
  • Sword & Sorcery and similar “You choose your own adventure” books
  • My brother’s interest in miniatures, followed by my own ups and down as a Warhammer Bretonnia general and my undying love for Hero Quest
  • Dungeons and Dragons, my time at the Herlev Youth School roleplaying once a week and later my Dungeons and Dragons adventures with my wife
  • Live Action Role-Playing in the forest swinging swords and flinging flour, first with Ayaz and at the end with the members of the Atanea LARP’ing group
  • Borrowing my brother’s PC, until I met my wife and I got my own. Followed by an installation of the recently released Baldur’s Gate and later an introduction to online gaming through City of Heroes and World of Warcraft
  • Dragonlance novels, as well as others from TSR Wizards of the Coat
  • And last and most importantly, meeting my wife, a fellow gamer, friend and soul mate

I bid you welcome to my site.

– David Nordahl Madsen / Zardilann, April 2010