RaidTalents is an addon for World of Warcraft. It was created as a means to more efficiently organize groups, but has pretty much been outdated with the addition of the Armory and the ability to inspect players’ talents.

The following is from the readme:

Enable better group setups through the use of talents.

This addon enables you to view the talents of other players, if they have the addon as well.


/rt full <playername> “Get full talent spec from player, e.g. “Zardilann is 0/48/3, with the specialty of Fury”.”

/rt single <playername> <talentname> “Check for single talents, e.g. “Zardilann has Cruelty (5/5)”.”

/rt buff “Check for blessings, e.g. “Hergar has Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Sanctuary. Leinhart has Improved Blessing of Might (3/5)”.”

/rt tank “Check for tanks, e.g “Alben is 41 Protection, with Improved Threat. Zardilann is 3 Protection”.”

/rt version “Version check, but will only show who has it, not who’s lacking it.”

It was never released to the public, and much like GuildStats, it only saw limited personal use. It may or may not work with the latest World of Warcraft patch.

Download the addon


GuildStats was an addon created during the Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft. Before the Armory reached its full potential (if it has yet), this addon was used for Officers to quickly get a list of active guild members, character levels and their classes. Until now it was primarily for personal use, so no configuration options exist. It does work with the latest World of Warcraft patch, although I’d recommend checking out the Armory instead.

Download the addon

Mina – The Incredible Blowfish

The first full game project I was involved in, Mina – The Incredible Blowfish was created during my first semester at the IT University for a game design course. My areas of involvement included design and documentation.

Mina – The Incredible Blowfish is a casual action game that puts you in the guise of a cute and harmless fish named Mina, struggling for survival. You’re living in an aquarium with several other fish with which you will have to share food and space. In the end it comes down to the basics: “It’s survival of the fishiest”. To survive you will have to inflate and not only appear to be larger, but in effect transform into the Monster Fish, your inner demon, so you can defend your territory and feed. You can only transform when under stress and generally the other fish leave you to yourself. The clock is ticking, so what can a small fish do?

You must become the Hunted to become the Hunter.

Anger your fellow fish by biting them so that they will become annoyed and attempt to eat you, and then the fleeing starts. Dodge and run from your victims to avoid being eaten until you’ve become so stressed and scared, that you will be able to inflate and transform into the Monster Fish, but if you swim too fast they will cease the chase and you will start calming down. When you do transform you’re ready to unleash your wrath in a storm of teeth that will make the water very dangerous for your enemies, and the watery world will be yours.

Download the game

Download the design document

Download the playtesting document

Download the postmortem


CritEmote was my second addon for World of Warcraft. Whenever you performed a critical hit, you would accompany it by an emote. Various options where available for limiting the amount of emotes, selecting the type etc. Originally it was called SpellCackle. It never reached the same “popularity” as Fury though, but it does work as of the latest World of Warcraft patch.

Download the addon