There once was a woman named Fie
Who hated to rise with the tide
She awoke a bit late,
to find a new date
And decided to sleep on the side

There once was a man named Dave
Who hated nothing more than to shave
But then his wife scowled,
and she started to howl
And then suddenly he knew to behave

Wedding Speech

As I’m standing in front of you all, I can’t help but compare this to an oral exam like the ones done during my studies. Contrary to those, then this time I’ve written a manuscript, since I find this pretty important.

We are gathered here today to celebrate Fie and I. Before the emotional passages, I’d like to thank our brilliant team, which has arranged the party and assisted with everything imaginable. I’m speaking of course of my parents-in-law, Henning and Lotte, but also my aunt-in-law and uncle, Anne-Lise and Reiner, as well as their friend Lene. Thanks to you all.

As you all know, my name is David and I love seeking knowledge. Writing a wedding speech was an area I happily received help on. There is a lot of different advice within the art of writing speeches, for example that you shouldn’t apologize for not being a practiced speaker. I will skip that part then, but most of you know that I am a man of few words.

Fie and I have known each other for many years, but this December we’re reaching 12 years. It’s not entirely true, because its 12 years where we’ve been a couple. The 12th of December at 3 in the morning, we officially decided to be sweethearts. We’ve known each other a little longer than that, as well as attended the same school most of our lives. I could go on about that, but I think we’ll quickly move on to the magical tale of our first meeting.

It was cold outside. Autumn was raging and winter was lurking right around the corner. When I met Fie, I had no big ambitions for the future, despite having my whole life ahead of me. I had just joined the ranks of youth and hadn’t decided for anything other than continuing my studies in college. Least of all had I expected a girl in my life.

We met on a battlefield, filled with the gravestones dedicated to the many worms that had lost their lives during the evening at Herlev Youth School. We had both started on the same courses, Computer Games and Role-playing, and we were in the middle of the computer game Worms. Apparently there’s nothing better than a bazooka for winning a girl’s heart, but I think it was just the beginning and that it was our innumerable trips home from the Youth School who did the trick. I remember once specifically, as it lasted a fair couple of hours longer than usual, but love is timeless they say. It was a special night, occasionally interrupted by attempts at humor from my side, among others that I was writing a biography about Fie. But it was the start of something really special, as well as a cold.

Now it’s quite some time ago, so I’m not completely sure of the chronological order of events. But at the start of our relationship, before we decided to become sweethearts, I suffered from both a cold and an ear infection. Fie would often come by, bringing flowers, pistachio nuts and English fantasy novels, a concept she had introduced me to earlier. And that’s just some of Fie’s good qualities, loving and caring. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought that Fie had moved in. Since then I haven’t been able to let go of the English novels, nor Fie for that matter.

Many of you probably know the story about the proposal. For those of you that do not, then I had decided to record a song. I have no musical sense or any kind of singing voice, but I had written my own lyrics to the music of Metallica’s King Nothing, so there was nothing else to do than just wail away and put it on my mp3-player. With a bouquet of roses I went home early from work and played my song to Fie. Something good can be said of me I hope, but at times I can be a bit gauche. The song started off with, as many others of its genre, with a suitable lengthy instrumental intro, so we were standing there for a good minute, waiting for the lyrics to start so I could get down on one knee. That wasn’t enough to scare her off though, as you might have guessed already.

Now the time has come to include a sidekick. At least that’s what the Internet is telling me. There is one person, I above anybody else, would’ve wished could join us today. My mother Tania. I can take comfort in, that she met Fie and followed us at the start of our relationship, so that in the end, she knew that I had found a sweet woman to share the rest of my life with. I am not the type who philosophizes over life, believe in fate or anything spiritual, but still I cannot help but think that there on some deeper level was a connection between me finding Fie and my mother passing away. My mother was a strong and loving woman, who has always been there for me when I needed her. Without her, I would not have ended up the man I am today. But perhaps it felt like the last fledgling had left the nest and now it was time to get peace. It was way too soon, and like many of you, I will always remember and love her.

Now that we’ve been around all that talk about love, I think it is only fitting that I express my love to my family, as well as the family I’m officially becoming a member off today. Unofficially I’ve been a member for the last 12 years, and since I don’t throw around emotional outbursts, I feel that it might not have been often enough I’ve expressed my gratitude. It is not everybody who’s lucky enough to have two wonderful families to support themselves. And I am exceptionally happy, that you could make it to share this special occasion with us.

When I started the speech, I claimed to be a man of few words. Therefore the end is near. If I speak too much today, then you might start getting expectations, that in the future I will talk you into the ground. And I don’t think I can live up to that. But one last thing.

Being that we’re gathered to a wedding reception, I recall the title of a film. It is called “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. I don’t recall if I’ve ever watched it, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that it is why we’re here today; to celebrate my best friend’s wedding. I am privileged to be here to witness this event, but even more so, because I am so lucky to be marrying my best friend.

Fie, I don’t know if you’re supposed to talk about such things, but I can’t help but to look forward to tonight. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous, because I’ve never played World of Warcraft as a married man before.

There is no way to sufficiently describe my love to you honey. You are the sweetest, most beautiful and funniest person in the world. Instead I can only say that I love you, and will show it to you every single day, for the rest of our lives.


Net Surfers Do Ride Alone

An article I wrote for my second semester on the IT University.

In recent years Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) have received great attention, especially after the launch of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW) which helped elevating games and specifically the MMOGs to become more mainstream, by offering a very polished product, even in its early beta stages, that also catered to the casual player, who wasn’t necessarily an expert in playing online games. WoW caters to various groups of people, including the casual players, the hardcore players, the role-players, those that enjoy Player versus Player combat and those that prefer Player versus Environment (scripted content). This diversity ensures that a lot of people can find something to do in the game world, but just like Jakobsson & Taylor (2003) argues regarding Everquest, then WoW (which is similar to Everquest in its social structures) is also best experienced while in the company of others, mixing play and socializing.

The basis for this study was my own experiences in WoW, which initially sparked the thoughts regarding who we play with (and maybe more importantly, who we don’t). I have played WoW on and off in various social environments, including casual and hardcore ranging between zero to thirty hours a week, for about four years, primarily on the United States servers. But after transferring to the European servers, I experienced an event which I had never encountered on the United States servers, where the shared language of choice is English; someone was unwilling to invite me to their group due to the fact that I was unable to speak their native tongue, even though a lot of the more menial tasks and challenges can be overcome with little to no or simple communication. But I couldn’t get angry at being turned down, for pondering further upon the experience I can say that most players I know, and even myself, aren’t that much different. We play with some people over others, all for various reasons. And it is these reasons I find interesting and worth exploring further.

My theory is that “the majority of players in WoW play with those they do due to selfish reasons”. In this study I will delve into my theory and explore the various reasons why we play with those we do, be it obtaining our own goals, gaining social capital or something else, and also why we chose not to play with others.

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