A Chance Encounter

A five minute meeting, not a word shared
You lost our duel, and I never cared
Sent me a message, berating my art
And my origins, clawed at my heart
Still I feel flattered, you searched me out
Despite your goal, to moan and pout

A Mansion in Darkness

At our home, a sudden blow dealt
Living in fear, the terror we felt
The light was gone, only darkness left
A void of information, a horrible theft
But then it happened, the light came back
The router booted, turned green from black

The Chosen One

Wishing to escape, find a better life
All so mundane, with bleakness and strife
One day you find, you’re the chosen one
Whisked away to a world, wondrous and fun
Pull back the curtain, the horrors you will find
The magic turning sour, in this role you’re confined

The AlFiebet – E

E is for entertain, at this you excel
When you let yourself be you, and you weave your spell
E is for entertain, you know just what to say
Be it a rousing tale, or the jokes you do convey
E is for entertain, I hope I never bore
Despite not keeping up, still you me adore