A Dream so Obscene

When I was young, at the age of fifteen
My future was ahead, along with a dream
Working with order, with people nice and mien
Books filled with knowledge, library as my scene
Now a decade past, the world is ever mean
And has yet to fulfill, a dream so obscene

Death of Information

Being left behind, in a world of information
People now the focus, seeking justification
Houses of culture, all the books we spurn
Connecting to the Cloud, all books can burn
Then the day will come, when the Cloud flies away
And all of us wish, that the books had stayed

Making a Deal

Wanting something, seen in your path
All fired up, now doing the math
Next comes research, finding the best
Suddenly shocked, just as you guessed
The value plummets, seems so unreal
Such a difference, making a deal

The AlFiebet – A

A is for anger, that you can display
When you are upset, much to my dismay
A is for anger, when the world is mean
Then you will lash out, with words so obscene
A is for anger, your passion running wild
Countering my calm self, leaving me beguiled