Tell Me Like It Is

I’ll ask the question, while you reply
Tell me like it is, or we say goodbye
I want to help, now give yourself a chance
Tell me like it is, so we stop our dance
Let us work together, stop resisting me
Tell me like it is, so I can be free

Falling Behind

Now written it all, the going is slow
Falling behind, with nothing to show
Gears are clicking, working my mind
Falling behind, inspiration declined
Lighting a fire, poems will come
No more falling behind, until I go numb

Goodbye Memories

So many memories, a lifetime I’ve accrued
Some bad and good, but none would I exclude
Yet a time comes, when they fade from mind
Thus when looking back, to darkness I’m resigned
So many memories, a lifetime it has fled
Now that I have lost myself, I might as well be dead


When first we met, we connected so fine
You showed me the world, I showed you mine
I asked you questions, to which you replied
You told me all, and never you lied
Now when I ask, nothing you’ll share
The connection died, and you don’t care