The AlFiebet – A

A is for anger, that you can display
When you are upset, much to my dismay
A is for anger, when the world is mean
Then you will lash out, with words so obscene
A is for anger, your passion running wild
Countering my calm self, leaving me beguiled

Tell Me Like It Is

I’ll ask the question, while you reply
Tell me like it is, or we say goodbye
I want to help, now give yourself a chance
Tell me like it is, so we stop our dance
Let us work together, stop resisting me
Tell me like it is, so I can be free

Falling Behind

Now written it all, the going is slow
Falling behind, with nothing to show
Gears are clicking, working my mind
Falling behind, inspiration declined
Lighting a fire, poems will come
No more falling behind, until I go numb

Goodbye Memories

So many memories, a lifetime I’ve accrued
Some bad and good, but none would I exclude
Yet a time comes, when they fade from mind
Thus when looking back, to darkness I’m resigned
So many memories, a lifetime it has fled
Now that I have lost myself, I might as well be dead