Daron Qinil

A poem about a role-playing character, the rogue/mage Daron Qinil.

Coming to a newfound world, then being caged
Being saved and getting out, a hero cannot be upstaged
Human and elves in mortal war, an opportunity to seize
The charming rogue and grumpy mage, they will soon bring peace
But when it all is over, heroism and charm fades away
A drunken hero seldom persist, and sanity goes astray


A poem about a secret organization from my live role-playing days.

Shadows striking silently, in the brightest day
Anonymous to all of them, allowing none to say
Shadows conspiring secretly, survive will only the smart
Students going to a test, learning most ancient of arts
Shadows winning all that are, wealth and power alike
Pale is one and black is two, when will one of them strike?


GuildStats was an addon created during the Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft. Before the Armory reached its full potential (if it has yet), this addon was used for Officers to quickly get a list of active guild members, character levels and their classes. Until now it was primarily for personal use, so no configuration options exist. It does work with the latest World of Warcraft patch, although I’d recommend checking out the Armory instead.

Download the addon

The Inquisition

Close the cellar door, and commence the rite
We will keep it going, all way through the night
Draw out the instruments, pierce the tender skin
According to our god, this is not a sin
Heretic or not, we will find our witch
Then make her confess, that diabolic bitch