A poem about a role-playing character, the paladin Marzynn.

Being raised in a community, wherein all share their thoughts
A sense of righteousness and honor, what misery it brought
Fleeing above the ground, to live a life in peace
He soon found a woman, to whom to give his leash
Life’s a battle never won, even for the fair and kind
The peace could not persist, not for a flayer of minds


CritEmote was my second addon for World of Warcraft. Whenever you performed a critical hit, you would accompany it by an emote. Various options where available for limiting the amount of emotes, selecting the type etc. Originally it was called SpellCackle. It never reached the same “popularity” as Fury though, but it does work as of the latest World of Warcraft patch.

Download the addon

The Uninvited Guest

Attending the party, the hours went on by
The uninvited guest, thinking they must die
All way through the night, people danced and dined
He commenced the plan, born by shattered mind
Poison in the wine, and some lured from the hall
All way through the night, they were brought to fall

Lady Evil

Another poem about the second of my major role-playing characters, the archmage Bhaerau Spellvein.

Fate found in the forest, a lifetime long past
We danced a battle fierce, one ended pretty fast
You came to my town, took it all by storm
Oh lovely lady, true love it was born
Tell me what I need to know, how we moved apart
I am white and you are black, oh queen of my heart