Dark and Light

A poem about a role-playing character, the wizard Nizrani Lava’ki.

Evil is my legacy, I hail from close to Hell
Even now I’m out, on the past I’ll always dwell
My skin it is dark, yet my heart it is light
Prejudice by my side, it is a constant fight
The only friend left to me, the man of my dreams
But once we are close, is anything what it seems?

V Is for Valkyrie

Battle’s all around, my life it has fled
Angels in the sky, taking half the dead
Noble Norse lady, chooser of the slain
Will I be the one, you take to your domain?
The halls of Valhalla, from there I will proceed
But until Ragnarok, bring me more mead

U Is for Undead

Enjoy it while you can, advice to take to heart
There is no second chance, when our souls depart
But there is undeath, in a league of its own
Forced to serve dark arts, in agony and alone
So many forms it takes, but one thing is for sure
The best thing you can do, bring death the only cure

S Is for Succubus

A love so burning, with lovemaking so wild
Every moment you’re with me, I am so beguiled
So what you got a tail, the rest is just so fine
If only I had known, your ulterior design
Partaking of my seed, and draining years away
But even if I knew, I could not disobey