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Elven Age Calculator

As a fan of elves in RPGs, I made this calculator to better compare elven ages to human ones. The calculations are based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

Your race:
Your age:

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Recently having started playing the Pathfinder RPG, I wanted a simple character sheet that was editable on the computer. This is my take on the official Pathfinder sheet.

Download the character sheet

The Final Rest

The second part of a poem about a role-playing character, the cleric Val Bloom.

Path thus chosen, church I did attend
Learning the religion, that of birth and end
Magic was my thing, all the books I read
Filling up my heart, knowledge in its stead
My bible hates the ones, that will never rest
But should I get the chance, I would fail the test

Soul mate that I lost, grief is deep inside
But I will carry on, and the pain abide
Now working with the dead, before their final rest
Making sure they live, that they look their best
Waiting till that day, when my time is done
When I can look my best, and the world go on


The first part of a poem about a role-playing character, the cleric Val Bloom.

Once my heart was full, love it was in Bloom
The girl of my soul, the bringer of my gloom
Elf to my human, a match made to fail
Many years we shared, then she chose to bail
“Mortality” she said, as we fast grew apart
“I cannot watch you die, but keep me in your heart”

Agony I found, when suddenly alone
What had I done wrong, how could I atone?
Turning to the gods, to show me the path
Show me a way, without tears or wrath
The Lady of the Graves, she of death and fate
In her embrace, my sorrow could abate

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