Z Is for Zaratan

A tropical paradise, like none you’ve ever seen
Best get ashore, and walk among the green
When you realise, this island is alive
A giant sea turtle, tonight will it dive?
Four days a year, with no evil design
Taken beneath the waves, to breathe in the brine

Y Is for Yeti

Cryptozoology, animals are sought
Anecdotal evidence, and some long shots
In the Himalayas, you go by many names
Klaus or the Abominable, none they know your aims
Let the humans war, until we waste away
Your kind lies in wait, so you can seize the day

W Is for Wilfred

A magical being, he’ll be your friend
So much to do, while playing pretend
Smoking the weed, and talking to Bear
Always by you, to keep off despair
Mataman the god, or a figment of stress?
Whatever he is, leads to happiness

T Is for Titan

Titanomachy was waged, before the dawn of man
To finally decide, how the universe was ran
Olympians and Titans, fighting for it all
Those immortal giants, still brought to a fall
One poem remains today, Hesiod he beat the odds
To tell of the Titans, of the first Gods