Q Is for Qilin

Many ancient beasts, with evil on their mind
Time to turn a page, to one that’s good and kind
The eastern unicorn, spelled as the fiery giraffe
Appears when things turn good, or on a god’s behalf
Wise with beard to match, although you may be third
In my heart you’re first, otherwise would be absurd

N Is for Nisse

Now it is December, the little one he stirs
Best we all behave, or trickery occurs
Protector of the house, waiting for his bowl
Porridge is his thing, and it is our toll
Best not take a bite, or one will have to dance
And against the Nisse, no one stands a chance

L Is for Leprechaun

A stroll in the forest, I fall on my face
Laughter I hear, of my disgrace
My ruse has worked, I grab a hold
Of the tiny cobbler, with rainbows of gold
Now that he’s mine, the wishes are too
If I can name it, he’ll make it true

J Is for Jackalope

Come the 31st of June, hunting season’s in
Best we be prepared, but where do we begin?
Make sure you got the whiskey, to find it it’s a must
And any voice we hear, is one we should distrust
Better pack and hurry up, two hours’ all we got
To find that rare Jackalope, is quite a long shot