Fighting Dragons in My Mind

When the dark arrives, I lit the candles black
Assuming our roles, no time to turn back
Visiting a cozy inn, which we cannot see
But in this shared fantasy, we do all agree
Spinning our story, in this world that we designed
Adventures they await, fighting dragons in my mind


An angry dwarf, always in for a fight
He walked a path, from dark to light
Serving the Crimson, but now no more
He walked away, along with the core
Now he persists, and uses Fear Ward
But indeed he wished, the tanks played it smart


A poem about the sentient sword of a role-playing character, the paladin Eilestra Harden.

We’ve been friends forever, yet you don’t know my face
You and me together, next to you’s my place
Although you keep forgetting, I stand by your side
It can be upsetting, but always I’ll abide
And if we ever meet, I will love you true
You make me complete, please love me will you?


Sitting around, ready to serve
Know you will come, when finding the nerve
Answering questions, with cryptic replies
Making you see, what will arise
The future’s unsure, not written in stone
And even to me, it’s largely unknown