The AlFiebet – B

B is for beauty, you light up the room
Even at those times, when you show your gloom
B is for beauty, which you save for me
Not wanting to share it all, shy that you can be
B is for beauty, you got inside and out
Showing me the thing that I, cannot be without

The AlFiebet – A

A is for anger, that you can display
When you are upset, much to my dismay
A is for anger, when the world is mean
Then you will lash out, with words so obscene
A is for anger, your passion running wild
Countering my calm self, leaving me beguiled


When away from home, yes I miss it so
And when we plan to leave, I cannot say no
Once we hit the road, with you by my side
The adventure that we share, that I can abide
For as the saying goes, home is with the heart
And when I am with you, from home I’m never apart

Day of Love

Day of love is here, Cupid takes his aim
Already in love, we’re not in his game
Cards and cartoons, fast food on the way
Power the machines, now it’s time to play
Woman of my choosing, mirror of my soul
Hermits of one heart, that is how we roll