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Elven Age Calculator

As a fan of elves in RPGs, I made this calculator to better compare elven ages to human ones. The calculations are based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

Your race:
Your age:

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Recently having started playing the Pathfinder RPG, I wanted a simple character sheet that was editable on the computer. This is my take on the official Pathfinder sheet.

Download the character sheet

TellMeWhen: Protection Warrior

TellMeWhen is an addon for the MMORPG World of Warcraft. It provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. You can read more and download it at

I created a setup to assist me when playing a Protection-specced Warrior in World of Warcraft.

TellMeWhen: Protection Warrior





Currently it features:

  • Tanking rotation
  • Gladiator rotation (no Sudden Death)
  • Shout watcher
  • Interrupt reminder
  • Teleportation gear reminder
  • Healing cooldowns
  • Defensive cooldowns
  • Deep Wounds AoE tracker
  • Resolve tracker

Download the import string


During the second semester at the IT University I had a course on game development, where we were to design and implement part of a larger game production. We each had very specific roles in order to try and emulate the “real deal”. My areas of involvement included design, documentation and programming. Our game was designed in the Unreal Editor and so requires Unreal Tournament 3 to run (haven’t gotten around to looking into Unreal Development Kit yet).

Blackstone is a first-person survival horror for the PC based on the Unreal Engine, with a focus on stealth and wit over combat and weapons. The player is thrust into a dark medieval world as a simple traveling merchant who must overcome lethal dangers in order to save his son from the mysterious Castle Blackstone.

You are a traveling merchant heading for the city of Graffstadt with your son acting as your apprentice, to sell your goods, seeking shelter in the small village of Neuheim. During the night you awake to find your son missing and must search for answers from the surrounding village and the villagers. Far from other settlements, the only place nearby is the abandoned Castle Blackstone, which your investigation points in the direction of. You must travel to Castle Blackstone to search for your son armed with only your courage. But the rumors say that the castle is dangerous, with dangers only spoken of in fearful whispers. A mysterious fog surrounds the castle and it is told that the dead never sleep and that nightmarish creatures stalk the ancient halls. Being a simple merchant, you’re untrained in combat and must rely heavily on stealth and your wit to overcome the dangers of the castle. Dangers made all the more pressing with the uncovering of the Blackstone Pendant, a magical artifact long thought lost, meant as a tool for a madman to conquer the world and the Afterworld.

Download the game (Requires Unreal Tournament 3)

Download the design document

Download the postmortem

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