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Show me your best smile, on that demonic face
The laughter hits so hard, yet so out of place
You walk around on stilts, always act the fool
But I know your heart, rotten core and cool
You’ll dance for a Penny, a strategy so Wise
For when you stop clowning, then begin the cries

Deep Love

I found True Love, that day when we met
A brief conversation, with just one regret
We were the perfect match, until you turned me down
Ripping out my heart, smile turned to a frown
Later your screams stilled, when I hit you hard
And buried our love deep, hole dug in my backyard

Catch Some Z’s

Been a busy day, time to get some rest
But first a final bout, before I get undressed
A book or TV show, both just like the rest
But at times they fail, leaving me distressed
Zombie apocalypse, just give it a rest
But don’t get me wrong, those Z’s can be the best

Researching the Role

Offer me a part, and I will commit
I can do them all, leading act or bit
Researching the role, I will live the life
Sacrificing all, to feel that joy or strife
Practicing the next, a murderous routine
Wiping off the bloody blade, and scene

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