Let Me inside

I cannot help but wonder, every time we meet
What’s inside your heart, do I make it skip a beat?
Another part of you, where I’ve yet to find a link
Your female mind, what is it that you think?
Open yourself to me, come on let me inside
During the dissection, there’s nothing you can hide

Looking Ahead

Walking the darkest of paths, goal clear in my mind
Finding my nemesis, and pay him back in kind
I felt love long ago, then he took it away
Until the day we meet, my path shall never stray
When all is said and done, when I shoot him dead
My life will be complete, and I can look ahead


Ever since you saved me, I’ve been by your side
Following your every wish, has become my guide
Vowing to protect you, from all evil I see
Your happiness is paramount, on that we can agree
Whenever you make a friend, and they get to near
I will save you from the pain, and make them disappear

Body, Soul and Heart

When I met you years ago, I felt my soul aflame
As we talked the night away, I forgot my name
And we became of one soul, you always next to me
Should you ever leave my side, I would cease to be
So I gave up on my soul, so we would never part
Keeping you all for myself, cold body and still heart