When I look upon your face, I feel warm inside
As I watch you through the lens, the love you cannot hide
But when I leave you flowers, you throw them away
I love you is words from you, that you’ll never say
Soul mates that we are, you claim I cannot see
That all there is between of us, is just my fantasy

End of Days

Come the end of days, when the year renews
Every prophet speaks, of their doomsday news
Again and again we hear, the same story foretold
The world’s going down, and none get to grow old
When the bells chime, and reach a new year
We all raise our glasses, to another one in fear


When I tell you all about, what’s inside my mind
People just laugh and think, he’s a special kind
And time marches on, while fun turns to fear
You begin to wonder, is there something there
But when all alone, when day gives way to dusk
My soul it is laid bare, a sinful blackened husk

Yet Another Workday

Going over my tools, making sure they shine
Ready for their job, as I ready for mine
My first client in, to tell all his tales
Just waiting for me, extracting the details
Today’s methodology, which one will it be
Excruciatingly painful, so much I can foresee