Cold Retribution

The wetness in the forest soil, makes the area cold
I look upon all of them, hoping none are bold
Jumping to a nearby tree, ripping out the axe
Next I fall to my face, a dagger in my back
I can’t believe it is the end, what have I ever done?
Now I’m down trembling with cold, just wanted to have some fun


Opening my eyes, waking up alone
Opening the light, finding time has gone
Sleeping each night, years they go by
Sleeping each day, waiting to die
Refreshing the body, resting my head
Refreshing the mind, then resting with the dead

God Fear

Entering the holy grounds, bashing in the doors
A warm light spills out, banishing all remorse
Striking all people within, men and mice alike
In their pain I revel, oh it feels so right
Feasting on the smell of fear, licking up their blood
They have learnt to fear me too, as I feared their god


Being trapped alone, lured into a cage
Trying to escape, screaming in a rage
Emptiness all around, draining heart and mind
Darkness is all I see, going mad and blind
This my last adventure, searching for a lair
Time is running out for me, as life turns to despair