Sweet Dreams

When the light of day has gone, people lie in the camp
I crawl out of my bedroll, then turn on my lamp
I move silently around, looking upon you all
With your lives in my hand, you all look so small
Then I move around again, wishing all sweet dreams
Working systematically, stifling all your screams

The Voices

Every day at night, when I’m about to go to bed
I cannot silence, the many voices in my head
They tell me to do, most depraved of deeds
If somebody can, then help me please
Though it’s far too late, I’ve lost all my friends
If you don’t stop me, it will never end

Deadly Calm

The moon it has risen, leaving me all alone
Swirling mists arise, chilling me to the bone
Wolves cry in the distance, filling me with fear
Through the night I run, as I feel them ever near
Stumbling in the dark, a splash and then the cold
Fear turns to calm, as towards the dark I go

Left for Dead

Out in the front, praying to God
Silence and emptiness that’s what I got
The clamor of battle, they’ve breached the camp
I pick up my sword, and then blow out the lamp
As I exit the tent, a bolt pierces my head
And then I realize, He left me for dead