A Mansion in Darkness

At our home, a sudden blow dealt
Living in fear, the terror we felt
The light was gone, only darkness left
A void of information, a horrible theft
But then it happened, the light came back
The router booted, turned green from black

The AlFiebet – E

E is for entertain, at this you excel
When you let yourself be you, and you weave your spell
E is for entertain, you know just what to say
Be it a rousing tale, or the jokes you do convey
E is for entertain, I hope I never bore
Despite not keeping up, still you me adore


This is the year, where all will change
Improvements aplenty, nothing’s the same
Let’s get a new job, and better our health
Kick the bad habits, and amass some wealth
In precisely a year, when time for review
I’ll come to see, nothing’s changed nor new

Orcs and Heroes

A decade ago, playing orcs and heroes
Ever since then, so many zeroes
Nostalgia maybe, but searching for bliss
On the good times, I often reminisce
Found a new home, the longing will heal
But it would be nice, to have the whole deal