Child Left Behind

Surrounded by people, yet all alone
Forgotten child, a lot left to hone
Surrounded by silence, always all alone
Sadness projected, through darkness it shone
Surrounded by sorrow, burdened all alone
Child left behind, a wolf strong and lone


Back in the game, time it is right
Re-join the fray, take up arms and fight
Updates anew, once per seven days
Work takes its toll, inspirational delays
But when work is done, retirement at the end
One gets to rest, and never wake again

Assignment Number Three

Sitting in the dark, yearning for release
Getting out of torment, find the way to peace
Symbols and formulas, whirling in my head
Envying the people, those resting with the dead
End in Hell to die, and then smile with glee
For nothing could be worse, than assignment number three