The Uninvited Guest

Attending the party, the hours went on by
The uninvited guest, thinking they must die
All way through the night, people danced and dined
He commenced the plan, born by shattered mind
Poison in the wine, and some lured from the hall
All way through the night, they were brought to fall

Lady Evil

Another poem about the second of my major role-playing characters, the archmage Bhaerau Spellvein.

Fate found in the forest, a lifetime long past
We danced a battle fierce, one ended pretty fast
You came to my town, took it all by storm
Oh lovely lady, true love it was born
Tell me what I need to know, how we moved apart
I am white and you are black, oh queen of my heart


A poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Humans all around me, hatred fills my soul
Getting rid of vermin, my life’s purpose and goal
But when I see that special girl, Camilla the daughter of mine
Love and sorrow fills my soul, yearning for eternal time
For humans don’t have long to live, though elves like me they do
And surely when her time is out, I know I choose to go


Never talk to strangers, parents always say
And to go with them, a thing you never may
But how can I then know, if he is friend or foe?
If I do not follow, I will never know
But then the day I followed, thinking him a friend
I came to know a foe, which brought my life to end