Racing the Sun

Before the sun rises, I’m ready to go
Somewhat awake, begin the show
An early start, so much can be done
Making the most, when racing the sun
Almost 10, darkness it falls
Finally sleep, into dreams’ halls

Walk Into the Light

I was shown the door, “walk into the light”
Peace it can be had, if one is contrite
I have many lives, and wish I could forget
But for all my wrongs, I feel I paid my debt
Into nothingness I go, finally at peace
But it will not last, I’ll never find release

The Good Sale

A time in the past, where we had to sell
Your need void, while weaving our spell
Now times have changed, the value is you
And all that we pushed, it was undue
In a good sale, might not sell at all
If you’re satisfied, we’ll never fall

The AlFiebet – F

F is for friend, you are number one
With me for the sad times, with me for the fun
F is for friend, so many things we share
Be it common interests, or for what we care
F is for friend, who gifted me with life
With one caveat, can’t bitch about the wife