The AlFiebet – C

C is for care, that you hide so well
But anything that bothers you, inside it will swell
C is for care, that you do so much
Never letting go, of any unfair touch
C is for care, you got a big heart
Feeling all the things I do, when we are apart


Two years ago, a milestone passed
Struggling at times, but inspiration vast
Like that perfect score, a goal to reach
Sharing all my thoughts, this a place to preach
It’s the legal limit, and lowest credit score
I cannot wait to see, all that is in store

Communicative Decline

You ask for my aid, and I give my word
Help it will come, but for you it’s blurred
Relaying your need, the channels are true
But from your position, all it is askew
I broke my promise, by no fault of mine
But you pay the price, communicative decline

Frozen by Choice

Show me the selection, what you got today
Help me pick my poison, and not to lose my way
Looking for that one, the choice above them all
And knowing in the end, I made the right call
What if I choose wrong, and pick the lesser one?
I might as well save the grief, and make the answer none