Walk Into the Light

I was shown the door, “walk into the light”
Peace it can be had, if one is contrite
I have many lives, and wish I could forget
But for all my wrongs, I feel I paid my debt
Into nothingness I go, finally at peace
But it will not last, I’ll never find release

Living Worlds Apart

Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

An imaginary friend, who’s always on my mind
Keeper of my heart, who’s always left behind
Once you may have lived, I doubt we’d ever met
Only sorrow grows, and I wish I could forget
We live worlds apart, never eye to eye
Take my heart away, and let us say goodbye

Orcs and Heroes

A decade ago, playing orcs and heroes
Ever since then, so many zeroes
Nostalgia maybe, but searching for bliss
On the good times, I often reminisce
Found a new home, the longing will heal
But it would be nice, to have the whole deal

Cold Inside

A poem about the second of my major role-playing characters, the archmage Bhaerau Spellvein.

When the morning comes, I’m already awake
Always in the dark, after my mistake
The only thing I feel, is the cold inside
Ever since that day, I left my life and died
If my heart could talk, regret is all I’d say
Never take that plunge, and leave the light of day