Out of Time

A poem about a role-playing character, the paladin Lord Sterling Vale.

An unlikely prospect, my journey brings me love
While serving the child, a gift from above
The half-elf vixen, sharing life and Time
While through our troubles, onward we climb
Catching the dragon’s tail, all is for naught
Everything it ends, with fire so hot


Once upon a time, a school I did attend
To enrich myself, and maybe make a friend
Gaming was the thing, all they did partake
Little did I know, how my life would shake
Serendipity my dear, you I never sought
Now to be without you, is something I cannot

No Valentine’s

Two weeks into February, it’s Saint Valentine
Roses red and honey sweet, fortune says I’m thine
I’d rather wait another month, then love we’d celebrate
The day you got into the world, so we could resonate
But our love comes every day, not just once a year
I will have no Valentine’s, but always hold you dear


Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

When our Lord was feeling sad, you hated me so much
No matter what you said or did, he’d not suffer your touch
Since that day we have been foes, rivals so alike
But something wasn’t adding up, you faking your dislike
Although you are a lying bitch, you are not all bad
I’ll never forget your pretty face, nor the adventures we have had