My Religion

Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

People often laugh at you, and sometimes I agree
Even now that you’re a god, you are still not free
Like a toddler small and weak, you don’t know a thing
But despite of all your flaws, I enjoy our fling
For when you force me down, and start to explore
All the world it melts away, leaving me your whore

Angelic Fey

Day after day, wondering why
An angel to me, sent from the sky
Wonderful woman, love in the air
Precious life, oh how I care
Together forever, always will be
Lovers forever, together and free


Raining outside, the sun has yet to show
Life looking bleak, suffered yet another blow
Searching for a cure, to bring a smile to me
To show life’s alright, that it’s worth to be
But then I look at you, and I see you smile
All my sorrows wash away, leaving life worthwhile

Devils and Deities: Tifalie

A poem about the deity Tifalie (Life and Nature) from the Devils and Deities role-playing setting.

Loving life is my thing, something all should choose
Together we will share our love, some say that I’m loose
If you lead and take my hand, I’ll show you my bed
People call me Bunny, you’ll see you weren’t mislead
What we have is something pure, although I can’t commit
Nature’s wild and so am I, but we will have our kit