It started like a nightmare, and the beast was you
Seeing me as nothing, disdain it only grew
But my heart it bid, that I should help you out
All the times I saw you smile, leaving me with doubt
Switching between hot and cold, I see past your flaws
When we kiss and you’re so close, you give my heart pause


A poem about the sentient sword of a role-playing character, the paladin Eilestra Harden.

We’ve been friends forever, yet you don’t know my face
You and me together, next to you’s my place
Although you keep forgetting, I stand by your side
It can be upsetting, but always I’ll abide
And if we ever meet, I will love you true
You make me complete, please love me will you?


Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

All life one seeks, for the perfect match
But it is a lie, always there’s a catch
Falling for the one, although love unrequited
In this whirl of madness, my heart it was ignited
Following my own advice, oh sweet Mandalay
You awoke my sleeping heart, and then cast me away

Puppy Love

Speaking shy words, then averting my gaze
Being by your side, is how I wish my days
A love so pure, yet so slow it’s agony
Beating round the bush, come on and let it be
Stop fooling around, in all of our bliss
Bring the next level, and kiss that first kiss