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Praise for the Panda

You are a giant, I think you are quite small
But you do the trick, and for us you never stall
You live in mountains, I keep you in the dark
And every single day, in our lives you leave a mark
You war with dragons, I think you are a star
Always hauling us around, acting as our car

The Island Bridge at the Road of the Hunt

Man the tower, today you go again
Ready your tome, and sharpen your pen
Even outnumbered, you wear a smile
Teaching them all, as is your style
My service was short, stationed at the front
Proud to have been, at the Road of the Hunt

Dancing on the Wall

In the dark, you are near
Watching me, feel my fear
Sudden light, I get a glance
On the wall, I see you dance
Heed my words, I name you John
Spider spider, please be gone

W Is for Wilfred

A magical being, he’ll be your friend
So much to do, while playing pretend
Smoking the weed, and talking to Bear
Always by you, to keep off despair
Mataman the god, or a figment of stress?
Whatever he is, leads to happiness

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