Knowledge Machine

When I arrived, prepared to take my place
I was overwhelmed, no finesse or grace
Into my position, I then saw it clear
All the parts together, moving every gear
A grand time it was, all working as a team
I just one of many, a simple cog’s dream

Burning Dawn

In my first City, when the Dawn began
I was fighting crime, alongside a man
He was Burning all, while crushing the ice
A quiet exterior, but also warm and nice
He played the cards, and taught me to smile
Then he dissappeared, as it was his style


A Breaking sound was heard, when you turned to Bad
Messing up that Pink, it surely ended sad
When I talk of the greats, I think about your blue
All that you accomplished, all you did accrue
I’m sad now that you’re done, the time we had was good
You went out with a bang, just the way you should


Who’s in time and space, flying among the stars
Who’s seen them all, even Gallifrey and Mars
Who’s saving London, all day and year round
Who’s got a mobile phone, and a tool with sound
Who’s got a cat beat, and twice the heart
They call him the Doctor, so charming and smart