Once I heard it told, of a demon so bright
Encountering angels on earth, on a lonesome night
They played to save their souls, but what I couldn’t say
It was the best song in the world, that none recalls today
Once I heard it played, a Tribute to that song
A performance so magical, I had to sing along

Hobson’s Choice

Every morning when I wake, I get the Early Edition
Giving me the choice to act, giving me a mission
Would you do the same as I, with tomorrow’s news?
Or would you act just for yourself, based on different views?
When the time it comes, although it will be scary
I am sure the cat will find, someone just like Gary

Chaos the Cat

C it stands for Chaos, that you bring to our house
Always up for tricks and games, be it foot or mouse
C it stands for cute, the way you kiss and purr
Always turning up the charm, so to you we will defer
C is stands for cure, the love you give is so
Always being there for us, so that we can let go

The Metal

When taking on The Metal, please pay heed
No one can destroy it, it’s an impossible deed
Wearing armor and mace, it’s much too strong
As proven by the D, in The Metal song
Show some respect, or end up six below
The Metal will strike you down, with a vicious blow