Good Things Come in Threes

Up for debate, how do I measure wealth?
Physical possessions, or a good health?
Too many ways to list, so I’ll skip ahead
Words on a page, things that weren’t said
I pick association, the people that I’ve met
You have made me richer, and I won’t forget

Love and Pride

Floating in limbo, where did I belong?
Without a place to be, life it was so wrong
Suffer no injustice, people good and kind
Offering their hand, a generous state of mind
Fifteen years have passed, still they’re by my side
The parents of the girl I met, fill me with love and pride

The Dresden Files

A wizard down on his luck, barely making due
In the know and all that stuff, at least he’s got a clue
Starting with an evil jerk, ending with a queen
Surely there is more to come, we’ll see another scene
If written text is not your thing, then also there is sound
Spike he will narrate it all, leaving you spellbound

Ode to the Owl

Hail foul creature, bringer of death
Your screech instills fear, as cursed as Macbeth
Hail noble creature, bringer of wisdom
You know all secrets, as good as they come
Hail ambivalent creature, you are the owl
I give my salute, at nighttime you prowl