Dear Axe Cop

I don’t know what I like best, your axe glasses or ‘stach
Or the way you always fight, or sell fruit for cash
Bad guys fear you one and all, but some they play tricks
Still the truth will be revealed, when you see their kicks
With your axe you’ll chop heads off, wearing black or blue
I hope some day you’ll bleed on me, so I can be like you

Fourteenth of May

Oh now it is time, the most special of days
Welcome all of you, to the fourteenth of May
You look bewildered, what happened that date
A child came into the world, too soon but not too late
And now another year, the day has come again
Here to put a mark on the world, or to have lived in vain


Come meet Jack, and all of his friends
Fighting for humanity, until the very end
Whatever the cost, he will take control
Making sacrifices, and paying the toll
His organization, a lofty idea
One step ahead, the Illusive Man is there

The Keepers of Red Hill

Knowledge is power, for those who know to seek
It is up for grabs, although not for the meek
Consulting ancient books, deciphering the hand
Uncovering the lore, and failing to understand
But the smart they go, to the keepers of the tomes
On top of Red Hill, they serve and make their homes