Devil Inside

Another poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

A father’s love I’ve never felt, only endless spite
Never finding solace, forevermore we’ll fight
A son was never wanted, just a baby shell
A place to grow and live, a place for a monster of Hell
But when my hunger rises, one thing’s all I fear
That I am not all alone, and those I love are near


A poem about the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Humans all around me, hatred fills my soul
Getting rid of vermin, my life’s purpose and goal
But when I see that special girl, Camilla the daughter of mine
Love and sorrow fills my soul, yearning for eternal time
For humans don’t have long to live, though elves like me they do
And surely when her time is out, I know I choose to go

At the start of year 2000 I had a website at, the name based on my old screen name. It served the purpose of having a place where I could develop my skills at web design with ASP and Access, as well as maintain a place on the net, since everybody had to have a website. The status of the site was up and down during the time, but towards the end it served as the home of The Eonian Council (a guild for the game World of Warcraft) as well as my fan page to King Diamond, neither which exists outside my hard disk’s junk-folder today (I tried uploading them to my domain, but seems it hates ASP).

The last year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a website up and running once more (and joining all of those social networks) to establish an online presence. I was torn between starting up a blog and writing about World of Warcraft and other games, or setting up a portfolio and start writing more fiction and toil with some game design. I settled on the latter but decided against reinvention the wheel and grabbed the WordPress publishing platform and started the search for a suitable theme, as well as a good way to arrange the combination of pages, categories and tags that make up the site navigation. I decided on the Mystique theme from Digital Nature.

Mystique is very nicely setup where you can edit the CSS and add custom functions without touching the original files and thus not having to fear losing your modifications during theme updates. I decided upon a mainly black and white color scheme, with a logo to match, and the CSS and image files were easily modified to fit in (although there is something going on when trying to edit the CSS of some images). While I’ve chosen to use several plugins, one that stands out is NuRelm Get Posts. It allows you to use shortcodes to display posts, which I’ve done liberally on the Portfolio pages. While it hasn’t been updated in a long time, it worked flawlessly out of the box, and only required small modifications to cover my needs.

So there you have it, is now online. I’d better go post on Twitter.