Zardilann Darhtill I

The first part of a long poem chronicling the life of the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Dressed in darkest black, with golden hair and pointy ears
Long sword by my side, always there to keep of fear
Confident I stride, through the elven hall
Going to a meeting, heeding my Queen’s call
Humans attend the meeting, treachery is at hand
Drawing my faithful sword, I’ll get them out of this land

Another order from the queen, causes me to hold
Acting against her orders, I dare not be so bold
The human lands crushed by war, she’ll bring them all here
Let the rats fend for themselves, I never really cared
But since I am no king, nor ever desire to be
My protests are easily overheard, and to them the gate’s key

All the humans travel, and soon they will arrive
Everything will be full of them, now I detest my life
Humans are all around me, hatred fills my soul
Getting rid of vermin, my life’s purpose and goal
But even now I dare not, to commence what must be done
The giants draw ever near, and soon they’ll also come