Zardilann Darhtill IV

The forth part of a long poem chronicling the life of the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

But as the weeks they go, wisdom it appears
The little girl Camilla, is not the monster I feared
And perhaps she is more than that, something to hold and cherish
For now I know I would be sad, if someone should cause her to perish
A little human daughter, who would ever have thought
I should be the father, the one to whom she happiness brought

A childhood of happy memories, though just a fraction of my life
Not a single day goes by, without my inner fight
For when I see that special girl, Camilla the daughter of mine
Love and sorrow soothes my soul, yearning for eternal time
Humans don’t have long to live, though elves like me they do
And surely when her time is out, I know I choose to go

But plans they always change, from year to year and day to day
One night I got worried, she had chosen not to stay
Venturing out into the city, to mingle with the human flies
Why did she even do it, her summers total only twenty-five
But as time passed, she found herself a mate
One to share a lifetime with, one for me to hate