Zardilann Darhtill V

The fifth part of a long poem chronicling the life of the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Trying to appear happy, wishing merry years
My inner hate just returned, wishing him severed
A wedding will be hold, I will not participate
My heart and soul in union, deciding my hate should never fade
My heart crushed by human hands, oh I hate them all
I decided to let her go, heeding Heaven’s call

But even by my Gods’ sides, peace comes slowly to me
All the elves are dancing, while I lie by the blackest tree
Here worthy heroes end, if they are black of heart
If not they will dance and sing, to never again depart
For centuries I lie in trance, waiting for release
Until my heart becomes pure, I will never truly find peace

But when elves are in danger, the chance for redemption is nearby
Often elves are in need, causing one to soar from the sky
Being sent away again, to help the besieged elves
It often seems to me, they cannot protect themselves
Our foes will have to retreat, or adhere to the laws of elves
But unquestionably the best would be, to send them all to the deepest of Hells