Zardilann Darhtill VI

The sixth part of a long poem chronicling the life of the third of my major role-playing characters, the bladesinger Zardilann Darhtill.

Being sent to the strangest place, wherein elves do not rule
The pyre of hate suddenly doubled, doubled by the maggots’ fuel
The Elven race is superior, above all the other races
In our world only elves should be, the most pure of all places
But if somehow I could get, my daughter back to me
I surely know I will sacrifice all, if only the gods could make it be

But as the year comes running by, even love it fades away
Heading the call of duty now, forever doomed to pay
Waging war and taking lives, sacrificing all to give
But serving it is over now, now it’s time to live
No more serving gods and fools, now only serving I
Many more adventures wait, until I get to die

But my father he made sure, I would never die
If told that it was done for me, that much is a lie
Blackened soul and twisted mind, he was soon to go
Needing youth once again, thus he made it so
Evil plot to sire child, then a queen seduced
He vanished for centuries, darkness left induced